GROUP YOGA AND WELLNESS CLASSES offer tools for healthy living so that individuals can create and experience optimal health and well-being for themselves. Yoga therapy can be beneficial for those dealing with physical and mental conditions, neurological disorders, sleeping problems, illness, although you don’t need to be unfit or ill to benefit. I offer yoga classes for the following:

  • Mental Health Management
  • Pain Management & Relief
  • Back and Spine Care
  • Mobility, Strength and Balance
  • Support or Recovery for Neurological Conditions
  • Session Recovery for Active Adults

My yoga classes are accessible and offer effective results and are designed to meet the needs and safety of all participants. Classes may include movement, postures, breathwork and/or meditation.

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Contact me to schedule a class for your clients, patients or workplace.

 **I am also an instructor in the chronic disease prevention group for the YMCA’s Downtown Boise Delay the Disease program (located at the Healthy Learning Center) and teach Gentle Yoga in the Main Building. Contact me or the YMCA to learn more.**