Our bodies are living history books, mapping our emotions, our relationships and events of our lives. When you feel stuck, are struggling to achieve goals, or desire change and aren’t sure where to go, ‘mapped’ limiting beliefs and past experiences can get in your way. An embodied practice can allow you to explore what lies within and to release what no longer serves you. It’s in this release that breakthrough begins.

This is a program of self-inquiry, which is important to a well-functioning mind. In this program, you will:

  • Gain insight into your Self and build on your self-awareness
  • Uncover or release barriers in your way
  • Develop awareness to make decisions and gain renewed perspective

Using breathing exercises and mindful movement, this program offers space to inquire, observe, unravel, and open areas of the mind and body that tend to become stuck or shut down. There will be space for curiosity, pause and reflection as you explore in your practice. Be prepared to feel a little lighter, experience clarity, and be revitalized.

A typical program occurs over two sessions. The first session will include an intake and short practice over a one-hour period. The second session will be a 2-hour practice. Sessions lengths can be adjusted or additional sessions can be added upon request.

Available online or in person. Contact me to learn more.