Need some extra support to navigate your life at the moment? Join me so I can be of service and support you.

If you are seeking:

  • Reduced Stress or Anxiety
  • Better Sleep
  • Inner Calm
  • Enhanced Resilience
  • Mental Clarity and Revitalization
  • Body Nourishment

I am here to help.  Teaching the tools and techniques you need, I will also educate you on the benefits, effects and contraindications (if any.) My goal is for you to feel safe, comfortable and confident with your practice at home.

I offer 30- and 60-minute online wellness sessions that include breathwork, massage techniques, yoga nidra, meditation and/or movement. Our sessions can be set up by Skye or my Zoom account, and I will help you through the set-up process before our first session. Contact me with any questions and/or let me know if I can help you in any way.

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