About Private Yoga

Private yoga sessions allow you have a better awareness of your body, mind and overall health. My goal is to tailor the one-on-one practice to enhance and balance the needs and goals of each individual.

I offer yoga instruction and yoga therapy programs that serves one or more of the following:

  • A personal practice focused on anatomical alignment and mindful movement;
  • Yoga Therapy as complimentary medicine to your current treatment plan for injuries, chronic pain, physical or mental stress and other issues; and/or
  • An adjunct to athletic, physical therapy prehab/rehab or other lifestyle programs.


I blend anatomy and physiology with the traditional yoga practice and Ayurvedic science. Hands-on alignment assists and props are used as needed to support and improve the body’s stabilization, mobility and flexibility. After completing a client intake evaluation, I apply objective and subjective assessments and then create an initial yoga plan. I observe and track one’s progress and educate the individual throughout the process, so they have a better understanding of their body.

I help practitioners maximize their yoga practice and well-being in an accessible and achievable way. Due to my experience, diligence, attention to detail and own personal background with chronic pain and injury, several clients have been referred to me from experts in both the yoga and non-yoga field. Past and present clients include practitioners of various ages, mobility levels and experience levels, from the beginner to the advanced.


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