Yoga & Stress Management in the Workplace

Yoga is an activity that you can offer your employees to improve their overall health and wellness. Several studies have shown that yoga in the workplace helps alleviate stress, improve energy levels and breathing, manage pain and increase flexibility. Yoga can also create calm and presence, which can improve employee focus and self-confidence.

I worked in an office for 17 years and experienced how having a dedicated time to stretch and move the body benefitted me both physically and mentally. I was given stretch flashcards and bought an office yoga book, but that wasn’t enough. When I was able to get away and have a dedicated yoga program, it gave my body and brain a reboot to meet work demands and work with others more mindfully.

I create corporate yoga classes to meet the specific needs of the individual practitioners and group, incorporating hands-on assists, props and yoga therapeutics. I’ve worked with a wide range of clients – from desk workers to manual laborers to emergency providers. Class format can be tailored to meet your team’s desires and your space accommodations. 


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