Staying Aligned

Staying Aligned

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It can be challenging to stay aligned on a path.  Even if you know what you want and where you are heading…there are always distractions…or plans change…or you change. And of course, there is ‘the grass is always greener.’

I’ve always known my greater purpose as a teacher. However, a few years into my teaching I started feeling a little scattered and sometimes lost in where I was heading with my work. I often stumbled with mental distractions.  Either my brain would prematurely jump to get onto what’s next, or the allure of the outside world or social media would pull me into a time-sucking vortex.  Then it was suggested I needed to brand myself. I started questioning what I was doing. Was I doing enough? Was this what I wanted? Was I staying true to my path?

When inside or outside chatter becomes too distracting, particularly to the point where I see what someone else is doing and think, “should I be doing that?” even when the answer is no, I do two things. One is to look at my many notes that evolved from branding/marketing meetings with Robyn Tosick, Marketing Specialist and owner of  I don’t consider my work a brand per se, but meeting with Robyn was a wake-up call for me that I needed to refocus on my message and my higher purpose as a teacher. The second thing I do is go back to my teaching journals, which includes my many Break Through and Renew Workshop notes.  I have a little ceremony of mine where I go through what I present to others and explore where I may be stuck for misaligned on my path.  What presents itself isn’t always so simple, for my ‘brand’ is always in progress, but it’s one of the reasons I created this workshop. It speaks true to the real me and is part of my personal work.

If you’re curious about a personal check-in or exploring your path, I’m getting ready for my fourth Break Through and Renew Workshop on October 22nd, 1:15pm-3:45pm, at Union Yoga. This workshop is about creating a ritual with yourself, to unwind and detox physically and mentally, to see if or where you may be off-track or holding you back on your own personal path. It may be just what you need before the holidays and to prepare for the New Year. For more information of this dive into the Svadhyayah, or study of the self, go to my website or register: