align-assist photoalign-assist photoAlignment and perseverance have long been guiding themes for me.

I have always been methodical and detail-oriented, and my tenacity to get work done could at times push me to the edge. When I suffered a repetitive injury, I discovered that practicing yoga was the inner work component I needed to progress my physical (and mental) healing. Yoga became a catalyst for change and served as guide to realign my life.

I pursued a new path in teaching and overcame barriers that were preventing personal breakthrough. I now share my experience with others, teaching a practice that allows students to explore their body and practice in ways that work for them. My purpose is to others to use inner strength to heal, improve endurance and help them meet their needs and achieve their goals.

My work is influenced by my personal drive to learn and understand anatomy and biomechanics, as well as by those teachers with whom I’ve assisted teacher trainings and/or trained, including Les Leventhal, Destiny Eurkus, Harvey Deutch P.T., Jane Austin and Annie Carpenter. My current path as a student and 500E-RYT teacher includes a program that integrates eastern and western methodologies in order to deepen the therapeutic effects of the yoga practice.

I invite every student to come they are, align and persevere on their own path, and allow room for growth.