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Offering a yoga practice at home, the workplace or in studio that is accessible to all.


  • "I have been seeing Julie for private sessions for about 3 months now. I first met her when I took her Vinyasa class at Union Yoga, and really liked her teaching style. Since I’m a beginner, I wanted (and needed) one-on-one instruction to learn how to practice yoga. Julie is a knowledgeable and fun teacher. Not only can she demonstrate how to do poses, she also provides clear and precise instructions on how to do them. In my experience, not every yoga teacher has the ability to do that well. Julie also is really good about hands-on adjustments, which I like because it helps me to understand how to get into poses. I’ve seen real improvement in my practice since working with Julie, especially in my strength and flexibility. I highly recommend her as a teacher!"

  • “The moment we contacted Julie Watson for corporate yoga lessons literally changed our lives. She is a true professional who is warm, patient and empowers her students to feel confident and comfortable at their own level of yoga practice. Our small office consists of six staff members who’s age ranges from 18 through 60 years old, and four of the six had no prior yoga experience. Julie patiently corrects our form and makes adjustments to sessions based on unexpected injuries or limitations. She provides the expertise to enhance our well-being and contributed to our weight lifting and cardio performance. Since she has come on board, we have noticed significant improvement with balance, flexibility and coordination. To learn yoga from Julie is truly a gift!”

  • I LOVE Julie’s 6 AM class, which my daughter Anna thought should be called ‘No Messing Around’ rather than ‘Rise and Shine.’ Her classes are so well thought out, the movements sequenced in such a creative and graceful way so that my body (and mind) feel very tuned afterwards. She is all about Vinyasa Flow with one movement to one breath! I would recommend some background/experience doing yoga or at least having endurance before taking her class. Julie is an EXCELLENT teacher!